Fratellanza Society Executive Committee 2024


President - Robert Hawkins(Click for photo)

1st Vice President - Eric Bohn(click for photo)

2nd Vice President - Joseph Bilenchi(Click for photo)

Corresponding Secretary - Nickolas DiMartino(click for photo)

Asst. Corresponding Secretary - Sanford Rabushka(click for photo)

Treasurer - Scott Sundhausen(click for photo)

Asst. Treasurer - Jack Tocco(click for photo)

Financial Secretary - Paul Grundhauser(Click for photo)

Asst. Financial Secretary - Gerald Spavale(click for photo)

Warden - Salvatore Colletti(click for photo)

Marshal - Daniel Biondo(click for photo)

Trustee 1- Carmelo Desemone(click for photo)

Trustee 2 - John DeBellis(Click for photo)

Trustee 3 - Mark Luther(Click for photo)

Parliamentarian - John DeBellis(Click for photo)

Chaplain - Rev. Leo Spezia(click for photo)

Committee Chairmen

Webmaster - John DeBellis

Social Media - Sanford Rabushka

Membership/Public Relations - John DeBellis

Sick Committee - Joe Bilenchi

Annual Banquet - Joe Bilenchi/Bob Hawkins

Annual Raffle - Jack Tocco/Mark Luther

Columbus Day Booth-

Columbus Day Parade - Nick DiMartino

Circolo President - Paul Grundhauser

Affari Committee - Mel Desemone

Memorial Mass - David Passanise

Annual Picnic - Robert Hawkins

Awards Committee - Dan Biondo

St. Joseph Altar - Robert Hawkins

Bocce Team - Mark Luther

Annual Ball Game - Curt Marsala

Historian - Robert Hawkins

By Laws - Paul Grundhauser

Please CLICK HERE to send e-mail to officers or committee chairmen.  Mail will be forwarded to the appropriate officer or committee chairmen promptly.  Feel free to ask questions about any of the events, or the organization in general.


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